Busy @ the MLO!

Weekend of May 12-15 had 140 soldiers come through the MLO.

Monthly statistics show 5,500 more passengers through TIA in February 2017 than in the same period of 2016.

If the MLO seems busier…it IS!

So we created its own page….CLICK HERE.


Blue Flag Event

In addition to 30+ arrivals this weekend, on Monday, April 17, the MLO will be used as a hospitality suite for 300-400 airmen arriving between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Davis-Monthan personnel will be on site to greet and refer to their motor pool shuttle vehicles.

Just another day at the MLO, thanks to Dee, Marleen, the Airport Ambassadors and SaddleBrooke supporters who help keep the MLO open.


Next meeting

Monthly Meeting – Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 2 p.m.

Desert View Clubhouse, Mariposa Room


2017 American Heroes Luncheon

Over 150 people filled Vistas at HOA1 on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 to hear three “Friday Pilots.”  Left to right below are Al “GAR” Rose, LtGen Tom Keck and Moose Skowron.  The guys went a little long but most people stuck around to hear their fascinating stories of flying in the ‘old days,’ adapting to the new and where our military may go in the future.

Thanks to all who attended and to these three American Heroes who were very impressed by SaddleBrooke and its residents.


Sundt Foundation Grant

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, Rodney Campbell, Owner-Employee with Sundt

Rodney Campbell of Sundt Corporation presents STS President grant award

Corporation and a member of the local Sundt Foundation grant review committee, presented SaddleBrooke Troop Support President Bo Nanna an award of $3000 for the STS food assistance program helping military families.

Thank you Sundt Foundation for your generous assistance and for being a terrific community partner in Tucson and the entire Southwest.


STS Sit Rep

By all accounts 2016 was an incredible year; certainly one of our most successful but not without great melancholy.  The SaddleBrooke community felt two tremendous losses with the deaths of Sandi Mahanna and President George Bidwell, both of whom were instrumental in the operations and growth of STS.  They will be sorely missed but never forgotten for their contributions to this organization and to the military men, women, families and veterans we serve.

On the plus side, here’s what I saw as our greatest accomplishments the past year:

2016 Highlights

  • Ladies Day Out—raises nearly $4500
  • Safeway Foundation grants $15,000 to food assistance program
  • “Buy a Soldier a Soda” July 4th donations stock MLO
  • President George Bidwell initiates collaborations with VA, TIAA (MLO), Catalina Elks, Sunrise Rotary & other groups
  • MLO support streamlined and improved w/Airport Ambassador Marleen Miller
  • Baby showers and 53 layettes for military parents-to-be
  • STS bylaws updated, new logo launched; website growth and focus on electronic media
  • Veterans Day program in partnership with HOA2 Patrol
  • Holiday Care Packages mailed to 68 members of 162d Wing AZANG
  • EXODUS holiday travel period–Sunrise Rotary members volunteer in force

And what I propose as our 2017 Objectives

  • STS participates in HOA2 Activity Fair
  • American Heroes Luncheon—March 8
  • 2017 audit; grant applications; GuideStar profile; facilitate endowments
  • Outreach to SaddleBrooke Veterans; coordinate and collaborate Memorial Day & Veterans Day events
  • Partner organizations, volunteers & efficiencies for V. A. and other cooperative areas
  • Membership growth & participation
  • Special “as-needed” fundraising events
  • Develop long range plan for STS

At the January Annual Meeting, all Officers were unanimously reelected and Committee Chairs reappointed to their current positions.  I would also like to welcome back Sheldon Israel who continues his recovery and serves as a valuable advisor to the Board.

Onward and upward in ’17, or for us grunts….”Forward March.”

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